Income tax, simplified.

“Income tax doesn't have to be complicated.  Like many things in life, you just need to find the right tool.”

Rhys Lewis - Author & Creator

View results hourly, daily, weekly, 4-weekly, monthly or yearly.

With all of the HMRC tax regulations pre-programmed,

an accurate prediction of your pay packet is only a few clicks away.

Super Easy To Customize

Free Updates & Support

Modern & Clean Design

Whether you have a bespoke tax code, or you're self employed, or you have a precise pension contribution, the app has provision to cater for your circumstances.

UK Salary Calculator receives regular updates to ensure adherence to latest tax rules & thresholds.  The developer is contactable 7 days a week for support.

Tax affairs are often complicated.  UK Salary Calculator strips away the haze and provides clear options to give you control through it's fresh and simple design.

Packed Full Of Features

Fully Reversible Calculations

Easily Share & Export Results

Student Loans, Pensions, Company Car Tax, National Insurance, Emergency Tax Codes, Custom Tax Codes, Childcare Vouchers, Salary Sacrifice & lots more!

You can enter your gross salary to determine your net salary, or you can enter your net salary to determine your gross salary.  All calculations are fully reversible.

Results can easily be exported via email in a tabulated form for sharing.

We've been working for over 5 years to build the best possible tax application for all your needs. We're glad that others agree.




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Instead of guessing how much extra money that new job will get you,

why not have it automatically calculated without barely lifting a finger? Well now you can with ease.

UK Salary Calculator for iOS & macOS.

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